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It's true...

You love Tap Dance and want to spend more time shuffling but it's super challenging to find a good Tap class that checks all the boxes.

Any of this feel familiar?

  • You're a student at heart who loves to learn but feel like you don't have easy access to opportunities to continue your own tap dance education...

  • You're feeling stuck in your Tap classes and need some inspiration to break the repetition...
  • You're one of the few tap teachers (if not the only tap teacher) in your studio, and you feel like you don't have anyone to share ideas and grow with...

  • You frustrated because  the Tap classes near you aren't the right speed of level, or they don't always line up with your busy teaching schedule...
  • You're not feeling all that confident about your tap dance skills right now and want to level up...

You can dive deep into

The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance

at home

The best way to do that is with 24/7 access to high quality Tap Dance resources and a structured approach that includes the guidance, mentorship and support that you need (and deserve). This way you'll stay consistent in your personal practice and help your students achieve their Tap Dance goals along the way. 

This is

The iTapOnline Member Center


The iTapOnline Member Center is an online Tap Dance studio specifically for adult Tap Dancers whose teaching experiences span from "I just got offered my first teaching gig" to "I own my studio and have been teaching Tap for over 40 years". 

It's the leading community for passionate Tap Teachers to thrive and have the MOST fun, and where my online classes will make you feel like you're in the room with me.

It's all about setting aside time to do what you love as you develop a personal Tap Dance practice that brings you joy each and every week and sharing that joy with your students in  your Tap classes.

The iTapOnline Member Center is bursting with everything you need to have quickly and easily bring your Tap classes to the next level. 

PLUS! You’ll also have direct access to ME to answer your questions. I’ll be there to make sure your shuffles are clean and that you’re transitioning from the right side to left side with ease. 

That means you'll quickly become the best Tap Teacher you can be (and geek out on all things Tap Dance).  

iTap Members get to:

Set aside time to do what they love

by practicing whenever is best for their schedule. 

Develop a passionate personal practice

that brings them all the joy in the world

Connect with other Tap Teachers

from all around the world who love Tap Dance too!

Build their confidence

through expert guidance and support in their training.

Here's how iTapOnline is


The iTapOnline Roadmap

The iTapOnline Roadmap makes it super simple for you to know which material is best for each of your classes, and how to help your students easily progress to the next level while connecting to The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance.

Something NEW Week After Week

Each week offers something new, so you'll always have fresh inspiration for class. Each month also comes with a new theme to explore, so you can stay focused on developing specific skills in your students' technique.

Real Feedback = Real Results

This isn't a one-way screen where you get your Tap videos and try to figure it out on your own. You can send practice videos, ask questions and seek advice whenever you want.

No Kid's Zone

Let's be real... Adults learn differently than kids do. Adults have different goals, desires and expectations that deserve an adult-specific space. iTapOnline is meant for the grown folks!

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Hi! I'm Hillary-Marie...

 I’ve been serving Tap Dancers around the world for many years now, and it’s been one of my greatest joys

 I was the Founder and Director of Jersey Tap Fest for 10 years, I’ve been the co-owner of Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio since 2012, Director of pre-professional FutureSTEP Tap Company since 2016, touring my award-winning professional Tap Dance company since 2015, running iTapOnline.com since 2016...

Along the way, my work has been featured in The New York Times, Dance Spirit Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Studio Life Magazine, BroadwayWorld and more.

I created the iTapOnline Member Center back in 2016 for adult Tap Dancers just like you, so you can have 24/7 access to a high-quality Tap Dance education from home and spend more time doing what you love the most - shuffling!

4 Ways to Share Shuffles

in the iTapOnline Member Center


New classes are hosted on Zoom and released for playback each week. Classes start with a full technique warm-up and a combination related to our theme of the month.

Who says you have to miss class because work ran late? Who says you have to miss out on taking awesome Tap classes because of your location?


From Tap Dance 101 to Fast Feet and Phrasing, to Historical Choreo, to Rhythm Training for Tap Dancers, to Improve Your Improv, and more, these courses will give you everything you need to improve more than just your technique, but also your musicality, your comfort with improvisation, your understanding of music theory, and your confidence. 


Two new #TimestepTuesday Challenges are released each month for a quick burst of Tap Dance inspiration that will have you ready for bust out your Tap floor and Tap shoes. 


Each month you have the chance to talk all things Tap Dance, ask questions, get answers, and hang out with me and other iTap Members.

Yes! I want to start my membership

Don't Take My Word For It

Here's What iTap Members

Have To Say...

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My 'Stay As Long As You Want' Guarantee 

There's no minimum membership commitment required. You love The iTapOnline Member Center or you can cancel at any timeNot only can you cancel at any time but your membership will continue until your paid period is completed - unlike other memberships that cut you off straight away even though you’d paid for it.

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iTapOnline is genuinely

NOT For Everyone

iTapOnline is for:

  • Tap Teachers who are looking for some fresh inspiration for their weekly classes.
  • Tap Teachers who are seeking a safe and supportive space to ask questions.
  • Tap Teachers who wish they had more time to take class for themselves.
  • Tap Teachers who teach Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels for children, teens, and adults.
  • Tap Teachers seeking feedback on their choreography and classes 

iTapOnline is NOT for:

  • Dance Teachers seeking material for pre-k and kindergarten students
  • Tap Teachers seeking a print-and-go Tap syllabus

It might seem strange that I'm trying to talk you OUT of becoming an iTap member - but I'm truly dedicated to delivering you the highest quality tap dance education online - and that all starts by making sure iTapOnline™ is right for you before you join.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love questions :)

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