It's time to transform your Tap classes!

My name is Hillary-Marie...

 I created the iTap Teacher Certificate Program back in 2018 for Tap Teachers just like you.

I’ve been serving Tap Dancers and Tap Teachers around the world for many years now, and it’s been one of my greatest joys. I’ve worn a lot of hats in the tap community over the years.

I was the Founder and Director of Jersey Tap Fest for 10 years, I’ve been the co-owner of Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio since 2012, Director of pre-professional FutureSTEP Tap Company since 2016, touring my award-winning professional Tap Dance company since 2015, running since 2016…

Along the way, my work has been featured in The New York Times, Dance Spirit Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Studio Life Magazine, BroadwayWorld and more.

And I’ve helped Tap Teachers just like you, from all around the world, dive deep into The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance and transform their tap classes. 

The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance:


Music Theory

History // Culture


Practical Application 

Once you know how to incorporate The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance into your weekly classes with ease, comfort and confidence, then you can walk out of the studio at the end of each night feeling energized, knowing that you’re giving your students an amazing tap dance education and experience that will have them progressing at an exponential rate, and absolutely loving Tap Dance inside and out.

This program is for:


Passionate Tap Teachers who are feeling overwhelmed by the mix of ages and levels in classes...

Dedicated Tap Teachers who want to develop a more thorough Tap Dance program that gives students many years of growth and passion…

Eager Tap Teachers who want to give the students more and bring their classes to the next level…

Frustrated Tap Teachers who are feeling stuck

Burnt out Tap Teachers who needs a spark to re-ignite their passion for teaching again...

All the Tap Teachers out there who are students at heart, that love to learn, but feel like they don’t have easy access to opportunities to develop as a tap teacher…

I’ve helped over 200 Tap Teachers dive deep into The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance and transform their weekly tap classes. 

Before I started incorporating The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance...

I was drained, frustrated, exhausted and feeling like I never had enough time in class.

One day, I was so overwhelmed, that I decided to completely throw out the window what I was taught and told a tap class “should” look like.


Across the floor.

Center Technique.

Combo at the end of class.

I decided that I wasn’t going to do it that way anymore...

Because I wasn’t here to just teach my students a Tap Dance, I was here to teach them how to Tap Dance and more importantly, how to love Tap Dance inside and out just like me…

That day is when things changed for the better.

It’s the day I started teaching The 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance, and I saw a wildly noticeable shift in my students right away, and so I leaned into it further, and further, unlocking new secrets along the way, watching my students of all ages and levels become more passionate about and knowledgeable of all things Tap Dance.

Since making that change, my studio serves 250 students per season, and over 60% of students are enrolled in the Tap Program!

Here's what iTap Teachers have to say...


 This Program is NOT...

  • The iTap Teacher Certificate Program is NOT just a curriculum that you'll print out and leave in your binder to be forgotten about mid-season...

  •  It's NOT another program that you'll start and never finish because you'll "get to it later"...

  •  It's NOT an overwhelming experience that will leave you feeling frustrated and staying in the studio until midnight trying to film the perfect submission video....

  •  It's NOT a ginormous time commitment that will leave you feeling like you never had a Summer break...

  •  It's NOT a program that leaves you waiting a full season before you see positive results in your weekly tap classes...

 This Program is ...

  • The iTap Teacher Certificate Program is straight to point, interactive and completely virtual.
  • It's a comprehensive 10-week online training designed to help you become the best Tap Teacher you can be by educating you on the 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance and giving you the tools you need to lead a successful tap dance program.

  •  It's a program that you will complete with ease, enthusiasm, and a sense of pride because you'll have all of the support you need along the way to finish strong. 

  •  It's a program that will give you immediate results in your weekly tap classes, the types of results that make you sit back and say, "wow, this is really working!" 

  •  With just 1-2 hours per week, you'll have everything you need to bring your tap classes to the next level. 

In just 10 weeks, you'll become an iTap Teacher, a leader of a thriving Tap Dance program, and a go-to Tap Teacher in your community.

Here's what you get when you enroll...

10 Whole Weeks

We know that Summer is a great time for Teachers to continue their education. The program will kick-off at the end of June, and will carry forward 10 weeks. Each week will bring a new series of pre-recorded lessons, live continuing education sessions, worksheets and assignments (and other surprises along the way). 

Live Continuing Education Sessions

Join me and your fellow iTap Teachers for live weekly sessions on Zoom to discuss the module and lessons of the week. This is your chance to ask questions, get additional support, and dive deeper into the material presented to you - can’t make it live? Don’t worry, they’re all available for replay.

iTap Teacher’s Corner

An entire section of the iTapOnline™ Member Center dedicated specifically to iTap Teachers, this is where you’ll go to access your Modules, Lessons, Continuing Education Sessions, Worksheets, and more.  You’ll have access to the iTap Teacher’s Corner for one whole year so that you can go back over the material at your leisure.

iTap Teacher's Pod

This is a dedicated Group for iTap Teachers, where you’ll have direct access to me and other members of the program for support, questions, guidance and conversation. You'll be sharing shuffles with a supportive group of passionate, like-minded tap teachers from all around the world who love nothing more than asking questions, getting answers and sharing ideas.


You will be provided with a series of worksheets that will culminate in the ultimate Guidebook to support you in your tap classes after you graduate from the program.

T.A.P. Submission

Every lesson learned will help you work towards your final T.A.P. Submission, which will ensure that you have a true understanding of the 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance and how to best incorporate them into your classes on a weekly basis.

Personal Feedback

You’ll receive personal feedback, guidance and support directly from me. This includes feedback on videos, worksheets and questions asked, to make sure that you have a true understanding of the information that you have been provided and that you’re able to pass it down to your students authentically and accurately.

Certificate of Completion

To celebrate all of your hard work and share with your students, employers, and local community.

A Safe Space

Most importantly, the iTap Teacher Certificate Program is a safe space for passionate tap teachers to learn, grow and ask any and all questions (even the ones you’ve been too scared to ask before).

Mentorship and Expert Guidance

You’ll have access to the mentorship and expert guidance you truly deserve, to ensure that you have a true understanding of all the information that’s presented to you, so that you can pass it down to your students with confidence, clarity and accuracy. 

Enroll Today

And! One more thing...

  Space in the program is limited.

I only have 50 spots, and when they’re filled, that’s it. 

When the program sells out, the doors close.

I’m not just saying this...

I only work with 50 teachers at a time so I can give each and every iTap Teacher the individual attention and mentorship they need and deserve.

Enroll Now


Program is limited to 50 Teachers


For less than a quarter...

For less than a quarter of the cost of a weekend away at a dance teacher conference...

You’ll have 10-weeks of in-depth, structured, Tap Dance education available at your fingertips, that you can go back and revisit for one whole year.

Remember this...

If you want to transform your Tap classes and become the best tap teacher you can be...

You have to fill in the gaps of your knowledge and approach your Tap classes in a new light.

Just think about how your Tap classes will be different when you commit to continuing your own tap dance education and dedicating 10-weeks to a comprehensive program designed specifically for Tap Teachers. 

Now is the time to save your spot and join me in the iTap Teacher Certificate Program.

Real Tap Teachers, Real Stories!


Now is your time!

 If you're ready to take your tap classes to the next level...
If you're ready to do something awesome for yourself...
If you're ready to become the best tap teacher you can be for your students...
Simply click the button to become an iTap Teacher!

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Program is limited to 50 Teachers