Hey there, Tap Dancer!

Shuffling at home just got easier...

Yes! I want to Tap Dance at home

How many of these frustrations feel familiar?

  • You want to practice at home, but you don’t know what or how to practice… and that means you're practicing incorrectly and building bad habits...
  • You want to take more Tap classes but the Tap classes near you aren't the right speed or level... and that means you’re either bored or overwhelmed in class, which means you’re less likely to go to Tap class (and that's if there's even a class near you)…
  • You want to be a strong Tap Dance but you don't feel confident about your Tap Dance skills right now... and that is sucking all the fun out of your shuffles. 

So you reluctantly drag your happy feet to your too-hard or too-easy Tap class when your life schedule allows and pray that the weather Gods are on your side as you drive to the studio…

Then you hop onto TikTok and Instagram for some Tap Dance reels and posts, but you realize that it takes more than a 30-second social share to receive a quality Tap Dance education...

Then you scroll scroll scroll on YouTube hoping to find a breakdown video you can trust (heck, maybe you’re here because you were on MY YouTube Channel), only to find that it’s just a one-way screen with no one to answer your questions and make sure you’re not drilling bad Tap Dance habits that will take way too long to fix...

Then you start looking at flights to NYC so you can take masterclasses but the cost of that is wayyyyy too many dollars and then you think to yourself, "that's a LOT for just a weekend experience." 

There's an easier way

You don't have to leave home for a feel good Tap class that will improve your Tap Dance skills

All you need is a quality and trustworthy online Tap Dance resource that includes a structured approach and support from a trusted mentor

This is

The iTapOnline Member Center

The iTapOnline Member Center is an online Tap Dance studio for Tap Dancers whose levels span from "I've only ever Tap Danced in my dreams" to "I was a Rockette for 8 years". 

It's the leading online studio where absolute beginner to absolutely advanced Tap Dancers have the MOST fun, and where my online classes make you feel like you're in the studio with me.

It's where you get to learn and practice Tap Dance at home and on your own time with instructional videos ranging from short 2-minute lessons to in-depth 2-hour workshops so you can do more of what you love as you develop a personal Tap Dance practice that brings you joy and crispy clean Tap Technique. 

The iTapOnline Member Center is bursting with everything you need to Tap Dance at home without getting overwhelmed or lost by giving you 24/7 access to a high-quality and structured Library of Tap Dance classes, courses and challenges that are appropriate for your level. 

You'll always know what to practice and how to practice it, and I'll be here to answer your questions and mentor you along the way to make sure your shuffles are clean… and that you’re dropping the right heel… turning over your left shoulder… and making all of your sounds...

This means you can unlock all the joy that Tap Dance offers (and geek out on all things Tap Dance).  

Here's what you get

(and how iTapOnline is DIFFERENT)

Go from Basic Beginner to Absolutely Advanced at your own pace

Avoid the overwhelm of "this is too advanced" and enjoy level-appropriate content in an easy-to-navigate Tap Dance Library spanning 5 levels.

You'll never get blocked or stucked when you're ready to shuffle because each level includes a detailed Tap Dancer’s Practice Checklist, so you can step onto your Tap floor with a calm confidence, knowing exactly what to practice and how to practice it.

You only need 10-minutes for a fun Tap Dance challenge

Get a quick burst of Tap Dance joy that makes you say, “I’m really glad I took those 10-minutes for myself today” when you explore a Timestep Challenge.

These challenges offer a workshop’s worth of inspiration in a short 10-minute class. Each month offers a new Timestep Challenge release for Fast Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

BONUS! When you start your membership, you’ll unlock your access to all previous Timestep Challenges.

Develop your Tap Technique in just 40-minutes per week

Get excited about developing skills in your Tap Technique with a new 40-minute Technique Class.

Each month brings a new theme and a new class release for Fast Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

BONUS! When you start your membership, you’ll instantly unlock access to 300+ previous class replays with 20+ themes like: Cramprolls, Flaps, Grooves, Historical Steps and Phrases, Improvography, Old School, Slides, Turns, and more.

These courses will build your confidence

Become a confident and knowledgeable Tap Dancer as you fill in the gaps of your Tap Dance training with courses specifically designed to improve your ability to pick up choreography, your comfort with improvisation, your understanding of music theory and more.

Currently available courses include: Tap Dance 101 (50-lessons for Basic Beginner+), Crispy Clean Tap Technique (65-lessons for Intermediate+), Nothin’ But ChoreoRhythm Training for Tap DancerFast Feet and Phrasing (30-lessons for Intermediate+), Improve Your Improv (35-lessons for all levels), Historical Choreo (including The Shim Sham, The BS Chorus, Laura, The Walkaround and more)

Receive personal video feedback (if you want it)

You have the option to submit your practice videos to me, Hillary-Marie, and receive professional feedback you can trust so you can properly progress to the next level in your Tap Dance practice.

No more shuffling at home alone and wondering, “am I doing this right?”

This isn't required, it's optional, and it gives me a chance to further support and mentor you.

All your Tap Dance questions answered

Connect with me and other iTap Members around the world as we come together once-a-month on Zoom to talk all things Tap Dance in a safe space where you can ask allllllllllllll of your Tap Dance questions (even the ones you feel awkward asking out loud).

With these regular Q&A Chats, you’ll feel connected, in the know, and closer to the Tap Dance Community. If you can't join live, no worries, you can submit questions in advance and watch the replay for answers.

BONUS! When you start your membership, you’ll unlock replays to all previous Q&A Chats.

Yes! I want to start my membership

Hi! I'm Hillary-Marie...

I’m one of the few professional Tap Dancers who will openly  share that Tap Dance didn’t come easy to me. I wasn’t some wonder-kid prodigy Tap Dancer. I had to work HARD for these feet!

When I became a professional touring Tap Dance artist, I also started teaching Tap Dancers of all ages and levels. 

That’s when those years of struggling in the back-row of the back-corner of Tap class paid off as I turned my Tap Dance trials into Technique exercises, analogies and stories to give my students a smoother, easier and kinder Tap Dance experience than my own. 

I went on to open my own studio back in 2012: Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, serving 250 students per season. I toured my award-winning professional Tap Dance company, while being the Founder and Director of Jersey Tap Fest for 10 years, and the Director of pre-professional FutureSTEP Tap Company, and performing as a soloist with musicians all over the world, and traveling to teach and perform at Tap Dance and Jazz Music Festivals all around the world. 

And in 2016, I took all of my Tap Dance love, knowledge, appreciation and experience, and poured it into the iTapOnline Member Center. 

What should you expect?

In the first 30 days, you're going to make your personal Tap Dance practice something you’ll fall in love with:

  • Setting aside time to shuffle because you love it, and deserve it.
  • Busting out your tap floor, putting on your tap shoes, and having the MOST fun.
  • Always knowing what to practice and how to practice it.
  • Diving into new courses and classes that await you.
  • Sharing shuffles with me and other iTap Members along the way.

Within 90 days, you'll have gained a new-found confidence and clarity in your Tap dancing by: 

  • Submitting practice videos to show me what you’re working on (optional, not required).
  • Putting on your Tap shoes each week.
  • Cleaning up your technique with classes and courses.
  • Deepening your understanding of music theory.
  • Enjoying improvisation - oh yeah, I said it!
  • Learning more about the history and culture of Tap Dance.

By 180 days, you'll have up-leveled in your Tap Dance journey, with:

  • New themes each and every month.
  • Courses that properly develop your technique.
  • Historical and Original pieces of choreography.
  • Q&A Chats that answer your burning Tap Dance questions.
  • New Timestep Challenges.
  • and more things I really want to share with you, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! 

And in 12 months time, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve progressed in your Tap Dance journey, thanks to the time we put into sharing shuffles together. You're going to celebrate:

  • Your crispy clean technique.
  • Your progress as you learn to pick up and retain combinations/choreography with ease.
  • The joy that your Tap Dance practice brings you.
  • The comforting feeling that you’ve got a mentor by your side, supporting you in your individual Tap Dance journey.
Yes! I want to join

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