I’m offering a course in the iTapOnline Member Center that shows you everything you need for an awesome Hybrid set-up, and how it all connects together.


I have everything setup so that our students are able to hear and see us, crystal clear.


They’re not hearing the sound of the room. They’re hearing the sound of the teacher and the music, and those two audio channels are properly mixed together.


My Team spent 2 months of the Summer researching, testing, buying and returning equipment so that we could find the best way to do this.


We’ve done the work for you.


Everything is ready.


iTapOnline Family Members have access to this course as a part of their Membership, but I’m also offering this info to non-members! You can choose to buy the course individually, or sign-up for the iTapOnline Family to get tons of awesome perks (with included access to the Hybrid Dance Class Course).

A Hybrid Dance Class is when you simultaneously teach dancers who are in the studio with you, as well as dancers who are zooming in from home. You teach them both at the same time in the same class!

Rather than having 4 students on Zoom, and 10 students dancing in a studio separated into 2 different classes, you can teach all 14 students in 1 class at the same time with a Hybrid set-up.

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What's Included?

  • WORKSHEET: Equipment Overview 

  • VIDEO: Equipment Setup Walk Through

  • VIDEO: Your Student's Perspective

  • WORKSHEET: Daily Checklist To Turn It On

  • WORKSHEET: Daily Checklist to Turn It Off

  • QnA: Invitation to Live QnA on Thursday, October 1st at 12:00pm EST (Replay Available)
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