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Definition of a Tap Dancer: A lover of all things tap dance, obsessed with rhythm, music and footwork.


Definition of a Tap Teacher: A tap dancer consumed with a love for spreading their passion and knowledge of tap dance.

"I created iTapOnline to support passionate tap dancers and tap teachers in their Tap dance journeys. If that's you, I can't wait to share shuffles with you."

~ Hillary-Marie

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Online learning is not the same as in-studio learning and iTapOnline has been designed to deliver to you the highest quality tap dance education that you deserve.

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Community & Connection

As an iTapOnline Family Member, you'll have direct access to Hillary-Marie who will guide you in your tap dance journey. You'll be able to ask questions and quickly get answers (because Hillary-Marie responds to every single iTapOnline Family Member personally).

**You'll also be sharing shuffles with a supportive group of passionate tap dancers and tap teachers from all around the world who share a mutual love of tap dance.

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An Internationally Renowned Instructor in Your Home

One of the most accomplished tap dance artists and tap dance producers in America, Hillary-Marie is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed soloist who has traveled the world teaching passionate tap dancers and tap teachers just like you. She has served as Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University and guest faculty at Alvin Ailey and STEPS. Hillary-Marie is proudly the co-owner of the only dance studio in the U.S. to focus solely on Tap Dance and Hip-Hop with fully developed programs dedicated to the technique, history and culture of these art forms.

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An Outstanding Online Educational Experience

Easy to login and easy to learn online, iTapOnline Family Members have access to "the Best of Both Worlds". That means you get to choose if you want pre-recorded video content, or Live Zoom classes, or both!

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Weekly Tap Classes on Zoom

Join our live classes each and every week from anywhere around the world - LIVE on ZOOM!

Tuesday 7:00pm EST Fast Beginner
Tuesday 8:00pm EST Intermediate
Sunday 11:00am EST Advanced Technique for ALL Advanced Level Dancers

Can't make it? No problem! Playback available for each and every live class!

Live iTap Chats with Hillary-Marie

iTapOnline Family Members are invited to LIVE Chat sessions with Hillary-Marie, twice a month. Real, face-to-face time to dive depper and talk about all things tap dance. No matter where you are in the world, you’re going to have the opportunity to share a personal connection LIVE with Hillary-Marie and the iTapOnline Family. iTap Chats are also available for on-demand playback.

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Lisa Swenton-Eppard

“Hillary-Marie teaches tap dance as the musical art form it is, focusing on the student’s long-term growth with a healthy respect for tap’s rich history. She’s a favorite repeated guest instructor for my students.”

Andrea Alvergue

“When Hillary-Marie came to our studio, it was beyond what we had all expected. She is an excellent teacher for all levels, very accessible and answered all of our questions both in and out of the studio. She’s amazing at breaking down exercises and teaching Tap dance standards. My favorites parts of her classes were the musicality exercises which I still practice today. My students were deeply motivated by her visit and she’s still is a big inspiration to themm and to me as a dancer and teacher. Without a doubt, it’s an experience I’d like to repeat someday. It’s so much fun to learn from Hillary-Marie!”

Happiness Guarantee

It’s my greatest joy to share this Online Source for Tap Dance Education with you and I’m certain that you’ll enjoy being a part of the iTapOnline Family. If you find that this resource is not for you, you can let me know within thirty days of joining and I will provide you with a full refund. My 30-Day Promise means there’s NO risk in joining today!

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