COVID Inspired Changes for iTapOnline™

Published on September 22nd 2020 by Hillary-Marie

I was pretty quiet in the beginning because I was focusing on saving the studio, and I was lucky because I already had an online platform built.

As everyone was transitioning into online learning, I had already been operating in that space for 4 years now. I had an extensive video library.


I was super inspired to make some awesome changes.

Previously, I had one type of Membership. iTapOnline Members had access to the iTapOnline Video Library with over 100 breakdown videos, including technique exercises, historical choreography, improvisation exercises, games, you name it. And I would do monthly zoom chats where we’d come together and talk all things tap dance.

But now I’ve changed it up, significantly! And it’s been AWESOME.

I’m still offering the On-Demand Courses, but I’m also offering three weekly Zoom classes AND high quality playbacks. So you have access to three new tap classes each week, and you can choose to Zoom in, or access the playbacks.

I’m offering Carefully Crafted Courses with YOU in Mind. Online learning is not the same as in-studio learning and iTapOnline has been designed to deliver to you the highest quality tap dance education that you deserve. Because it IS different, and therefore, it needs to be approached differently.

I’m offering Live Chat Sessions, twice a month. Real, face-to-face time to dive deeper and talk about all things tap dance. No matter where you are in the world, you’re going to have the opportunity to share a personal connection LIVE with the iTapOnline Family. iTap Chats are also available for on-demand playback.

I’m focused on Community & Connection
As an iTapOnline Member, you'll have direct access to me, and I’ll be here to support you in your tap dance journey. I answer every single comment and email that comes in, and I’m there for you. You'll also be sharing shuffles with a supportive group of passionate tap dancers and tap teachers from all around the world who share a mutual love of tap dance.

I’m promising an Outstanding Online Educational Experience
Easy to login and easy to learn online, iTapOnline Members have access to "the Best of Both Worlds". That means you get to choose if you want pre-recorded video content, or Live Zoom classes, or both!

Thanks to COVID-19, I now have 3 different levels of Membership:

#1 The iTapOnline On-Demand Membership gives you access to all of the On-Demand pre-recorded course content in the Video Library as well as two live Zoom chats per month.

#2 iTapOnline Live Membership gives you access to weekly live Zoom classes and playbacks, as well as two live Zoom chats per month.

#3 iTapOnline Best of Both Worlds Membership gives you all of the above! You have access to the On-Demand pre-recorded course content AND the Zoom classes and playbacks, as well as two live Zoom chats per month.

Best of Both Worlds is most popular amongst the iTapOnline Members because they love the live classes and playbacks. These three membership options allow you to choose what's best for you, your schedule and your learning style.

Click here to become an iTapOnline Member today!

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