Who is the Founder of iTapOnline?


My name is Hillary-Marie, and I'm a professional tap dance artists who lives in New Jersey, and travels the world teaching and performing. 

 I’m originally from a small town in New Jersey, where I started tap dancing at my local dance studio as a kid. I started dancing professionally by the age of 16, and went on to create Jersey Tap Fest in 2010, New Jersey's premiere tap dance festival, also named Best Place to See Live Dance in New JerseyI opened Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio in 2012, the only dance studio in the U.S. to focus specifically on Hip-Hop and Tap Dance, currently serving 250 students on a weekly basis.

All the while, I've been traveling the world to teach at tap festivals and perform at Jazz festivals from Taiwan, to Colombia, to Europe, to Central America, and all throughout the U.S.

 It's been quite the journey so far!

When I'm not training, teaching or performing, I'm either running iTapOnline, recording new Lost in the Shuffle Tap Dance Podcast episodes, training new iTap Teachers, or for extra fun, I like to train Muay Thai and cook delicious homemade meals

I Have The Coolest Job In The World!

I get to eat, breathe, and sleep tap dance, each and every single day.


Tap Dance is my Life

I was heavily mentored by Karen Callaway Williams and Deborah Mitchell during my time in the New Jersey Tap Ensemble, as well as Harold Cromer from 2007 until his death in 2013 when I had the beautiful opportunity to assist him in his tap classes. 

For many years, I performed weekly at Harlem’s Cotton Club as a part of Bessie-award winner Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards’ group “Sophisticated Ladies”, and previously worked with Emmy-award winning artist Jason Samuels Smith (A.C.G.I.) as well as Derick K. Grant (Rhythm Is Our Business). I have performed with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and with trombonist Wycliffe Gordon. Before his death, I performed with award-winning composer of A Chorus Line, Marvin Hamlisch, and have danced with Heather Cornell (Conversations), Roxane Butterfly (New Dance Alliance), Maurice Chestnut (Above Ground Project), Christopher Scott (W-L-U-V), Lisa LaTouche (Tap Phonics), the Boston Tap Company (Rhythm in the Night), the NJTAP Dance Ensemble, Nat Adderley Jr., and both the Princeton and New Jersey Symphony Orchestras.

Tap Dance is an Instrument 

Music and dance are the universal languages of the world, and Tap Dance is a beautiful musical instrument. 

I have devoted my artistic journey to exploring the human body as the original instrument of the world through Tap Dance improvisation and Body Percussion.


 My Goal for iTapOnline 

I created iTapOnline back in 2016 to give passionate tap dancers and tap teachers around the world quick and easy access to a high-quality tap dance education, available right at their fingertips. 

I've held nothing back in the iTapOnline Member Center. It truly is nothing but my best tips and tricks for tap dancers of all levels to achieve their tap dance goals. This includes lessons that I've learned in my own experience as a touring tap dance artist, tap teacher, and studio owner, but more than that... it also includes the knowledge that has been passed down to me by my mentors, and the many artists that I have had the chance to study and work with. 

It is my greatest hope that iTapOnline will help you to achieve your tap dance goals, whatever they may be.

  I want to personally thank you for stopping by iTapOnline and for being a part of the worldwide Tap Dance Community!


I'd like to offer you 2 free weeks of unlimited access to everything that the iTapOnline Member Center has to offer. 

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