How beautiful is it that the future king of England, Prince George, is so immersed in the arts? 🎶

Lara Spencer blew her opportunity to have a huge positive impact in the world yesterday. Not just her, but the entire Good Morning America production team. Together, they had a chance to celebrate this young boy’s dance and poetry studies. But they dropped the ball.

Fellow entertainers like Lara Spencer and programs like GMA need to be careful. They’re in positions of power. Millions of Americans trust them every morning as a go-to place to get their news. To hear about the newest trends. Moments like this can sway a parent’s decision to enroll their child in an arts program. Moments like this can make a child want to step away from their artistic studies, which were up until that point, a source of joy, passion and inspiration. 

As we move forward, it is my greatest hope that every naysayer, everyone who ever devalued dance in such an instance as this, everyone who ever laughed, mocked or bullied a boy who dances, that every single one of them have a chance to experience the joy that dance brings. Because once experienced, it cannot be denied. 

And if those people choose not to experience and acknowledge that joy, that’s fine, but at minimum, they should show respect. 

Today is a great day to celebrate boys who dance, and the men that they grow up to become.