What I wish my tap teacher taught me...

Published on February 4th 2021 by Hillary-Marie

I love teaching teachers.

Whether they’re teachers on my Team at Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, or teachers in the iTapOnline Tap Teacher Training Program, or teachers in a teacher’s only track at a tap festival, you name it...

And one thing we often discuss is what I call our teaching philosophy.

In developing my own teaching philosophy and the culture of my dance studio and what we offer iTapOnline Members, I realized that I’ve built my teaching philosophy and curriculum based on two specific things…

#1 What my teachers taught me

#2 What I WISH my teachers had taught me

So out of curiosity, I posed this question in the iTapOnline Community and found so many of the responses absolutely fascinating.

What’s one thing you really wish your Tap Teacher had taught you?

Here were some of the responses…

“What helps make crisp clear sounds - in a way I understood” ~ Anna J.

“When I was younger… musicality!!!!” ~ Donna H.

“Improv” ~ Erin M.

“That all shuffles and flaps come from the hips!!” ~ Jeanette W.

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“Improv” ~ Daria O.

“The anatomy of a show stopping act” ~ Travis K.

“Music theory, and more improv” ~ Monica G.

“Got everything I needed from my teachers and am very grateful” ~ Denise C.

“Like many have already said, improv” ~ Natalia U.

“Music theory!” ~ Molly K.

“Music theory and history!!” ~ Caitlin R.

“Tap history” ~ Kellie D.

“I’d say improvisation, music theory, and history. My teacher did instill the love of tap dance and for that I am grateful. Adding these 3 elements, even now as an adult, makes me love it even more” ~ Lori W.

“That tap is music! Teaching about notes and creating music versus steps. I later learned that and I’m still learning that today” ~ Keyla P.

“Improv and history” ~ Sarah H.

“My main teacher was older so I’m really lacking in arial moves and flash. All of what I know in that regard has been acquired from multiple sources and teachers and I wish I had a more solid base of technique there.” ~ Shaina S.

“Tricks” ~ Suzanne M.

“Scatting” ~ Christine M.

“The rhythm tree!” ~ Naomi Christenson

“I had countless teachers while developing; but the big one would be to literally just practice alone and make it a ritual. *The second would be to practice with a metronome.” ~ Dante L.

“Tap dance is music, and not just dance” ~ Colins E.
What I find super fascinating is that the majority of the comments focused heavily on Musicality and Improvisation. But you’ll see that Technique and History are also mentioned. This is why it’s so important to dive deep into what I call the 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance.

**Click here to learn more about the 5 Fundamentals of Tap Dance**

So if you didn't have a chance to share with me yet… go ahead and share in the iTapOnline Community Facebook Group and let me know,.. What do you wish your teacher had taught you?

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