This Week in Tap Class

Published on November 21st 2019 by Hillary-Marie

In case you’re looking for some inspiration for your classes this week, iTapOnline Community members took the time to share what they’re working on with their students. The list included:

  • Riffs of all kinds (Jessica F.)
  • Transferring weight on rhythm turns for clean heel and toe drop sounds (Erika A.)
  • Military and LA Timesteps. Clean paraddidles/paddles. Riffs and Choreography” (Sarah H.) This inspired some interesting discussion about, what is an LA timestep? 
  • Condos rudiments (Christina C.)
  • Paradiddle in my lower levels and triplets and pick ups in my higher levels (iTap Teacher Stephanie V.)
  • Pullbacks (Jen T.)
  • COUNTING! (Denise C.)
  • Holiday show choreography (iTap Teacher, Lori P.)
  • Swing vs. Straight grooves. Timing and staying with the tempo. Pick ups. The concept of fast and clean, and not letting your body sink (iTap Teacher, Michelle M.)
  • Rolling shuffles (Heidi S.) Check out a video of the combo she shared in the iTapOnline Community Facebook Group
  • Smooth weight transfers while traveling, relaxed ankle technique in shuffles, flaps and thirds, and holding down solid swinging eighth notes for 8 bars (Carole P.)
  • Flaps and Essences (Nicole D.)
  • Historical dances, including Laura, The Walkaround, the BS Chorus and the Shim Sham (iTap Teacher, Hannah J.) Interested in learning these dances? Check out my breakdown videos in the iTapOnline Member Center!

At the time of recording this podcast, I am preparing to leave the country for two weeks. I’ll be traveling to Brazil to teach at the Brazil International Tap Festival, so I’m wrapping up one of the teaching concepts I was working on with my students. We were working on an extended three and a break that includes some rolling and slides, to a song by Sting called Soul Cake. I first heard this song when Nic Garreiss played the song during a live-streamed online performance of it. A beautiful song, and Nic is a beautiful percussive dancer. He pulls from multiple percussive dance technique including flat-footing, and I personally find his dancing to be clean, honest, and entrancing.

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