Thankful for Tap Dance

Published on November 27th 2019 by Hillary-Marie

Thankful for Tap Dance

It’s thanksgiving time over here in the U.S. and the sentiment of this holiday is all about truly sitting back and taking a moment to give thanks. I have so much to be thankful for...

Thankful for iTapOnline

  • Thank you to the iTapOnline Members! I love sharing time with you, be it in the inbox, in the facebook group or in our live chat sessions
  • Thank you to the iTap Teachers, who have said yes to the opportunity to continue their own education. I love the time I get to share with them in our weekly continuing education sessions
  • Thank you to Lisa Swenton-Eppard (who I mentioned in episode 050 as one of the greatest tap dance teachers I know) for being an awesome mentor to the iTap Teacher
  • Thank you to the iTapOnline Community, for sharing their love and passion for the dance, it truly is contagious
  • Thank you to David, the iTapOnline Project Manager, who does SO much more than iTapOnline. He puts up with my crazy ideas and high expectations, and I’m very appreciative. 

I started iTapOnline two years ago as an iTapOnline Member Center in hopes of providing equal opportunity access to quality tap dance education around the world and it’s grown since then into a worldwide community of tap teachers coming together to continue their education and support each other. It’s been an amazing journey. 

Thankful for Grooves Unlimited

  • Thank you to my business partner, Shani. We’ve been on this journey together for 8 years and it’s been everything we thought it would and wouldn’t be. 
  • Thank you to Team Grooves, including our rockstar Office Manager Christina and Teaching Squad: Esi, Caylia, Ayahna and Tori. It’s literally not possible to run a thriving dance studio without an amazing Team of people alongside you and each of these women are truly the best. 
  • Thank you to my FutureSTEP Tap Company members. Their passion for learning and growing is amazing, I truly am spoiled to have such awesome students. 
  • Thank you for the families who have chosen us as their go-to dance studio for their Hip-Hop and Tap dance training. 

Thankful for Evolution

I also need to give thanks for my Master Mind group, I am a part of something called Evolution which is a 2-year program offered by Studio Expansion and under the direction of Chantelle Bruinsma. This mastermind group has brought some amazing new studio owner friends into my life, and it has filled a void in the continuation of my own education as a studio owner that I had been looking to fill for so many years. So a big shout out to Chantelle for being the pioneer of this amazing group as well as my mentor Theresa and the beautiful ladies that I get to share time with on a weekly basis. 

Thankful for Tap Dance

I get to do what I love, every day. And I get to share it with students who are open and willing to learn. Musicians who are excited to collaborate. And audiences who are excited to absorb. Tap dance has gifted me friends and students all around the world, and I’m just so full of thanks to have this beautiful art form in my life. 

Take a Moment

I hope you have a chance today to pause and give thanks for whatever tap dance has given you. Give thanks for your students, give thanks for the joy the dance has brought you over the years, the strength it’s given your body, the music it’s brought into your life… it’s amazing when you take a second to pause and consider all that this one beautiful art form has given you. 

Black Friday Gift

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