How to Teach Your Students to Count Themselves In

In my most recent Live Q&A in the iTapOnline Community, Annette (who is an iTapOnline Family Member and an iTapOnline Teacher) asked:

“What are your favorite technology recommendations for tap teachers?”

So, here we go. My top three technology recommendations for tap teachers:


  • Laptop


I personally need a functional, lightweight laptop. My whole life is run on my laptop: Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, iTapOnline, this podcast, everything functions on my laptop. I have a Lenovo Yoga Laptop, it’s a 2-in-1 touch screen laptop that flips into tablet mode. So if you’re someone who’s carrying a laptop and a tablet, consider getting something like this. I also have a desktop set up at home, a hub that I plug my laptop into that casts onto a desktop screen, and attaches to a keyboard and mouse. 

If your technical needs are not as high as mine, a tablet will do just fine. But all in all, you need a separate device to play your music from. I personally don’t think it’s appropriate to run music from your phone while teaching. It’s unprofessional to have phone calls coming in over the speaker, or text message sounds, and having your phone in your hands constantly shows and endorses phone overuse to younger students, and for adult students and parents of young students, it makes them wonder if you’re paying attention to them or scrolling on instagram. Parents at the studio may also complain to your studio owner that they saw the teacher on the phone instead of teaching, and that’s not something you want to deal with either. 


  • Spotify


My number 2 technology recommendation for tap teachers is Spotify. I was really against joining Spotify for many years, because they're not paying their artists adequately. They feel they're a hosting service and that users are paying to have access to the Spotify interface, not an artist’s music, and that it's an artist's choice to participate in Spotify as a networking platform, and therefore, they don’t need to pay adequate royalties. So all in all, they’re not paying artists what they deserve, but we are to blame! We are to blame because we want cheap streaming and instant access to new music. 

The way I can justify my use of Spotify is that when I find an artist I like, I will go online and support them by buying their album, seeing them live in concert, supporting their patreon page, buying their products, etc. 

I love Spotify because all my music is portable and I can access it on my laptop and on my phone, and even though it's streaming, I can download my playlists to have access offline. I also like Spotify because I can use the Spotify library to organize the music that I have on my laptop in addition to the new music I have on there. I also like how easy it is to share music with my students and how easy it is for them to share with me. They’re always sending me new music requests for improv class, and I love it!


  • iTapOnline Family Membership


My last technology recommendation for tap teachers is an iTapOnline Family Membership. iTapOnline Family Members have full-time access to the iTapOnline video library which is host to all of my tap dance courses and over 100 breakdown videos on Tap Dance Technique, Improvisation, Historical Choreography, Teaching Tips, Games and so much more! My whole goal with iTapOnline is to support you with quick and easy access to new knowledge and fresh inspiration, and when it comes to teachers, my specific mission is to grow the tap dance community one passionate tap dance student at a time by supporting the tap teachers who teach them. The iTapOnline Video Library is one of the ways that I do that. All of my iTapOnline Family Members also have direct access to me! I am here for you to support you and your students in your tap dance journey. I recommend it as an awesome resource for tap teachers around the world to keep their class material fresh and push their students to the next level. You can gain 24/7 access to the entire video library for just $1!

I want to hear from you!

What are some of your favorite technology resources? Any portable speakers you like to use? A certain laptop or tablet you use to organize your music? Comment in the iTapOnline Community or show notes and let me know!


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