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Is Dance an Art or a Sport?

Published on February 21st 2019 by Hillary-Marie

It became evident to me a young age that sports were often given a greater respect than art. Joining a school sports team was considered great for your college application, but being dedicated to your dance studio after school while maintaining good grades and high level classes wasn’t seen as equally beneficial. 

Definitions: (2:03)

1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination
2. the act of producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power
3. the various branches of creative activity such as painting, music, literature and dance, also known as, the visual arts

***Tap Dance is an art that falls into each one of these categories.

1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment

***Tap Dance is most certainly an activity that involves physical exertion and skill. If you go back into tap dance history, our culture had a competitive edge to it. Now, we’re in a time period where dance competitions are HUGE and extremely popular in the US for children and teen dancers. There are some tap festivals that host cutting contests, and there’s even a World Tap Championship hosted annually in Germany.

My Personal Journey: (3:20)
For me, tap dance is an art first and the athleticism isn’t on my mind. My joy is in the movement, and the music, and the individuality of this amazing art form!

Share your thoughts: (3:35)

Is dance an art or a sport? Athletic art? Or Artistic Sport? Martha Graham said, “Dancers are the athletes of God!”

Please comment and share your thoughts and I look forward to reading them!


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