Today’s episode is for teachers who are considering or are currently offering private lessons to their students. I want to help you give the most to your student in their private lesson time.

Help your student arrive prepared (0:45)

Send them my Podcast Episode 005 titled Private Lessons: How to GET the Most

The direction of a private lessons depends on the dancer’s individual goals. I choose to approach every private lesson from a different angle because no dancer is the same, and this is their one on one time with me. It is important that we talk about their goals and previous training.

Two Types of Private Lesson Students: (1:55)

One-Timers: My goal is to give provide the dancer with long-term practice concepts rather than one time technique exercises or bits of choreography

Regulars: My goal is to lay a foundation of short-term goals in the form of technique exercises, music theory or choreography build them dance up towards a long-term goal of becoming a stronger dancer.

Helping a dancer identify their goals: (2:55)

Help the dancer identify their personal challenges in their training and provide them with a solution that they can practice.

  • Technical focus: How’s their timing? Is their basic technique clean? Is there a vocabulary gap? How’s their approach to the floor? How is their higher level technique?
  • Choreographic focus: Is their footwork clean? Are they telling the story of the piece? How’s their performance quality and presentation? How about stage usage? Are they comfortable with the piece and ready to take the stage?
  • Focus on improv: How are their ears? Are they listening and dancing with the music or on top of it? How is their groove and timing? Are they having difficulty manifesting their thoughts into their feet? Are they stuck repeating the same phrases? How does their phrasing sound?

Remember that it’s not about what we want to teach that day, but what that individual dancer needs in their one on one session.

Business aspect of private lessons: (4:36)

Set your fee before scheduling your private lessons. Your private lesson time should cost your student significantly more than your class time. Set a base price that you are comfortable with and let your student know that they will be responsible for the cost of studio space if a rental is necessary. Let them know how and when you expect to be paid and do your best to keep communication crystal clear.

Share your thoughts: (5:31)

I would love for you to share any approaches that have worked for you in your private lessons. Or maybe you have questions on how to get started? Comment and share your thoughts!

If you have a student on the fence about private lessons or looking for more information, please send them my Podcast episode 005 titled Private Lessons: How to GET the most.


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