My Mission

Growing the tap community, one passionate student at a time by supporting the tap teachers who educate them

Who Is It For?

A passionate tap teacher who wants to bring their classes to the next level.

A frustrated tap teacher who’s feeling stuck.

An eager tap teacher who feels like they could be giving their students more.

A committed tap teacher who wants a stronger tap program.

A dedicated tap teacher who wants to develop a more thorough tap dance program.

How Does it Work?

I will help you fill in the gaps of your knowledge

I will help you to be a better version of yourself, NOT another version of me

You will teach your own classes with your own voice

You will be re-energized and rejuvenated for the season

Together, we’ll develop your own personalized curriculum

Together, we will raise the quality of the class you’re teaching

iTapOnline Teachers Receive:

A full season’s worth of material and class planning for ALL your classes (all ages and levels)

Expert Guidance From myself, my team and other special guests

Quick & easy access to new knowledge and fresh inspiration with Full-time access to the iTapOnline Video Library

Accountability and a Support System via a Community of passionate tap teachers

A certificate saying you completed the training with accuracy and an opportunity to ask me for an honest letter of recommendation

A better financial situation

How Do We Do It?

  • Continuing Education Sessions: weekly, online, face-to-face, live meetings

  • Project assignments: worksheets, new teaching methods to try, journey entries, brainstorming sessions and more.

  • Culminating Project Submission: To make sure that you have a true understanding of the information that you have been provided and that you’re able to pass it down to your students authentically and accurately.

Let’s Get Started!